Hi my name is Tulip, I have a neighbor her name is Marsya Anella Swish. I call her Marsya. Me and Marsya is best friend. But our school is different. Me and Marsya can communicate with Line, WeChat, and the other. I like to play at Marsya’s house.

Today is Sunday. I want to play doll or laptop with Marsya. When I look her house, she’s not there. I think she is go to somewhere with her family.

2 months passed…
I want to hang out with Marsya. But Marsya’s house is empty. No one there. I’m confused of that.

“Why Marsya is always go somewhere when I wanna play with her?!” I’m sad.

6 months passed…
Marsya’s house is full of many people. I confused and run to Marsya’s house.

“What happens here, uncle?” I asked to Marsya’s father.

“Marsya is pass away…” uncle said with a small voice.

“What? Marsya is die?!!! Marsya… don’t leave me alone… marsya…” I screamed with large voice.

“Goodbye, marsya” I’m crying so sad.