MUm:COME DOWNSTAIRS your Uncle is coming in 30 minutes!
You: Uhm mum, i'm still choosing clothes, do you expect me to wear my pyjamas?
Mum: I didn't know, tell your Dad to bring me some Grapes okay?
You: Why don't you call him yourself?
Mum: i have lots of stuff to do and you're my child so you have to do everything i say
you: *callsdad*
You: Heyy dad, mum told me to tell you that she wants you to bring us some grapes
DAd: okayy, but i'll come home a bit late because the traffic jam is so llong
You: Kay, bye dad
You: *hangs up phone*
You: mum what do you think? Do i look good in this Dress?
Mum: Yes, but maybe you could wear the new floral Hair Clip i bought you
You: Okay, like this?
MUm: Yess, and you can borrow my floral Ear Rings if you want to
You: Okay sure