Jawaban paling cerdas!
Attention Please.
Let me Introduce myself. My NAme is ___ and i'm currently __ years old. Today i'm standing here to talk about Sickness.
I know a lot of you here are sick or is visiting your friends or famalies who are sick. For those who have serious Sickness like Cancer, DBD, Struck and every other Sickness my Prayers are always by your Side and i hope you'll be Strong Enough to Face Tomorrow.
Sickness won't make you weak.
I do think that People with serious Sickness are the Strongest ones. Specially the ones who is still smiling while laying on the White Hospital Beds.I know you don't feel good, and i know you're sick of the smell of medicines or the doctors and nurses who brings your medicine every day.
I know lots of People who can barely walk or talk but is still gracefull to God but is still trying to brighten up the sad people who is visiting you's face.
And for the ones who's Families or Friends are sick, you're their Hope. Since they can't leave the Hospital i know they're very happy to see people still caring about them and visiting them. If your Sick Family/Friend feels bad about herself tell her to stay strong. Tell him to smile. Tell them that there is still hope because God Never Sleeps.
I know People who have Cancer for years but is still happy and is still trying to enjoy their life. For those who'se hairs slowly fall like the leaves on winter tell them its okay. You don't need Hairs to be Happy.
For those PEople who has to cary Oxygen Tanks whereever they go, tell them ti'll get better.
For those who cna't help them self but crying all night long because they can't move their body, tell them they're still special because what counts is whats on the Inside.
for everyone here who is having a hard time, its okay.
I promise
It will get better
There is always someone who loves you no matter what.
My name is ___
Thank You for listening to my self written Speach.
And stay strong
buatlah kata2 untuk dirumah skit jika ada pasien yang dipriksa