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If I were President, I wouldn't make anyone do what they didn't want to do. I also would listen to what everyone thinks. I would do all these things because no one would put a controlling person in charge of their country. For example, I might think that everyone should have volunteer jobs and not get paid. Everyone might not want to do that, so I would have a meeting and see what else we can do because it's not volunteering if you don't want to do it. I would listen to everyone's opinion because if I want to fix a situation and my solution could put the country in danger, someone might come and show me another way to do it. The presidency is an important thing.
yang 300 kta ad ga?
If I am elected to be President I will make this
world a better place. I will do more than just sit in
my chair. I will stop the taxes for the people who
are poor and have no homes. The homes that are
not being used I will give to the poor. I would
make schools a better place by giving them extra
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