Jason: Hi, how about your study tour last holiday? Is that nice? Tell me
Lala: Well, that's very fun. I was very excited.
Jason: How come?
Lala: The first day we went to the beach.. Whooaa that's so beautiful.. We saw sunrise in the morning.
Jason: That's sounds nice
Lala: Exactly. For the next day we went to Sangeh, to saw monkeys, they are really ugly, and naughty.. Bimo lost his snack, cause the monkey stole that
Jason: Poor Bimo
Lala: But I think that's funny.. The next day again we went to Tanah Lot. Its very beautiful
Jason: I've heard about that before. What else?
Lala: In Bali, you can't go to any place as you please. Because some places are dangerous. You don't step on offering, or you will cursed.
Jason: That's very scary..
Lala: That's true, but actually Bali is a good place. If you be careful, then you'll be save
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