Jawaban paling cerdas!
Dian : hi, vina. what's up? vina : hello, dian. i'm fine. I hope u in a good condition too. dian : yeah, thanks. btw, do u have a spare time tomorrow?? vina : hmmn, maybe yes. why?? dian : would you to accompany me in my aunt's wedding party?? i'm rather shy to walk alone in in the middle of lot of people. vina : this sound is interesting. i'll accompany you but u must promise to never leave me alone in the party dian : don't worry, this is never happen
A = hey guys...you are invited to my birthday party...will you come    b = of course...sounds like fun    c = alright.    d = sure...but when and where will you celebrate it ?    a = tomorrow at the mall. 3 pm. we will eat together    b,c,d = sure... meet you there    a = ok