• shal
  • Gemar Membantu
If i'll be a president, i'll help many poor people, free school for poor student,
If I were a president, first thing that I will do is help poor people. I will subsidies some groceries for economic, than I will given some help like free books, or free school payment for education. I will never dicriminate people with their social status. To overcome congestion I will impose expensive car. It means, that no people could arbitrarily buy car. The tax will high and car would be more expensive. I will swear to be loyal, and to be honest. I will fair to the other, no matter who they are, the rich one, the poor one, common people, or official people. They would be same in my eyes. I love child, then I will sure built some garden, and make it sure that every town will has a garden. Children nowdays always stick with their phone, so for a better generation, they must fused with nature. I never prohibit freedom of trust something or religion. I will make sure that Indonesia would be better if all of you choose me for the next president.