You : "The dress you wore at your cousin's graduation last night was gorgeous."
Nayla: "Thank you! You looked amazing as well."
You : "Anyway, where did you rent it? At one of those boutiques in Southern                    Jakarta?"
(JoJo joins them)
You: "Hey Jo, you were absolutely handsome last night. I didn't even realize that              was you."
JoJo: "Thank you Thaniananda, but I was just an ordinary guy last night."
Nayla: "It's true, Thaniananda. And yes, I got my dress from a boutique there."
You: "Oh you're rich?!"
Nayla: "No, I'm not. And how about you JoJo?"
JoJo: "Me too. I want to return this suit now. And how about you Nayla?"
Nayla: "Me too. Let's go together!"
JoJo + Nayla: "Bye Bye Thaniananda!"
You: "Bye, see you next time."
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