Misalnya si A ama si B
A : Hey B, i want to tell you something
B : What is that?
A : Yesterday, i met D. and he/she said that C is sick.
B : Are you sure about that?
A : yeah, i'm positive
B : I hope she/he will be better soon. But, do you think she/he can join us today?
A : I can't say for certain. coz, D said she/he was in hospital
B : Ohh, poor her

kyk gitu kan??
disuruhnya kek jawab "certainly" gtu kak-_-
i'm positive itu bisa di ganti jdi ' i'm sure about that'
Oke gtu ya kak;)oke makasih yaa
Oh gtu ya kak.. oke makasih ya:)