-Would you like to eat these peanut butter biscuits left?
-Oh, they look delicious! Thank you.

-Will you come to my party tonight?
-Actually, I got really tired from school. I'm sorry, but I can't.

-Can I fry these tempura for your lunch? You look busy.
-Yes please. Thank you for your help.

-Would you like me to wash those dirty dishes?
-Oh, can you? Thank you so much.

-Would you like me to buy some fresh fruits downstair, at the hospital restaurant?
-Can you? Thanks. I'm craving for something fresh now.
A : shall i bring you some tea
B : Thank you,it is very kind of you atau No thank you

A : Can i help you
B : yes please. I really appreciate it atau it's okay. I can do it

A : can i help you clean the spoon for you
B : Yes, Please that would be very kind of you atau Don't worry i can do it myself

A: Would you like another piece of cake
B; thank you, its very kind of you atau no, thanks

A: How about i help you with this?
B : yes please taht would be very kind of you atau dont worry ican do it myself