My Adolescence
I had my adolescence when I was thirteen.

It started with acne that showed up on my face. It was very annoying. It lowered my self-esteem and I was embarrassed to come out of my house and play with friends.
Fortunately, my Mum gave me a good medicine. In three weeks, the acnes started to vanish although those showed some black spots in my face.
That was my bad experience with adolescence, though there were still lots of good experience too.

Analisa :
Orientation : Paragraf pertama, (I had my adolescence when I was thirteen)
Events : Paragraf kedua dan ketiga.
Reorientation : Paragraf keempat (terakhir)
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I had bad experience when I did shopping because of the shop assistant's fault. However the security officer of the shoreally embarassed. He accused me of stealing a pair of blue jeans.
That was a Saturday afternoon. I went to a fashion shop with my friend. I chose air of blue jeans to buy and pay for them at the cashier. Unfortunately, the shop assistant was careless. She forgot to take the censor clip on thu blue jeans. So, when I left the shop, the detector beeped. The security officer shout at me, "Hey, you! stop!", then he took me to the manager's room.
After examining, the security officer and the manager realized that it was not my fault. They said they were very sorry about what had happened. Finally, the manager asked me to take one piece of clothing for free.