Ada yang bisa bantuin sedikit cerita ttg liburan,dalam ngga?
gaboleh dr google translate,soalnya bahasanya acak"an.
mohon di jawab.

Cerita tentang liburan ku
Hanya sebagai conoth saja kan?
terserah dalam tapi,waktu liburan sekolah yg kemaren.
iyaa tugas suruh mbikin cerita wktu liburan dalam


   I and my family went to a on vacation to jogja on august two thousand and thirteen . i am my family visited to jogja by car. the journey too two days and one night.
   as the afternoon was about to come. After two days trip, finally we got at my grandfather's house at midlle jawa regency Boyolali.. I and my family spent the right at my grandfathers's  house when we lets go our tired to visited the city of jogjakarta. at malioboro jogjakrta there were any unique goods and distinctive . We bought aaouvenirs at malioboro for my lovely relatives in bengkulu.The holiday last for three days,we prepare for going back to bengkulu.
    That was my best holiday ever, because we could the most experience in jogja.