My house

I lived in my house. It's not really that big. There are 6 rooms in my house. A living room, a place for guests. 2 bedrooms, one is for me and the other is for my parents. A clean bathroom after the kitchen. And before the kitchen there's dining room. My house's wall is painted light blue and the floor is made of wood.

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I love my home, in my home there are five rooms. at the first room is the living room, in the living there are a sofa, table, vas, clock, picture, and fan. usually once a week there is guest in my living room. at the second is my room. everyday i always in my room. in my room there are mattress, pillows, blanket, bolsters, study table and much more. third is kitchen. my mother always cook the breakfast in there.there are many things in kitchen, there are knife, fork, plate, spoon, cup, glass, and much ore. forth is familly room. everyday i and my family chat together and watching tv together. and the last is bath room. in there, there are bathtub, shampoo, soap, and wc. it all my rooms in my house :)

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