1. i'm understanding what you say
2. foreign visitors with little understanding of English
3. people expect their doctor to be understanding
4. i think that you are going to understanding my reason
my reason are basically understanding
7. i think now i'm understanding your reason
8. i dong know how to understanding your reason
9. it was very hard to understanding your reason
10. sometimes i feel that your reason are hard to be understanding

1. I'm writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance
2. please give your opinion to my speech just now
3. i think that your opinion was so great
4. i love your opinion
5. i'm agree with your opinion
6. your opinion was completely great
7. how did you make that opinion
8. your opinion was so good
9. i think that everybody is agree with your opinion
10. my opinion is the best 

maaf untuk salah2 kata/ganyambung :s