Ask for attention:

Bunga: Dani, do you know where's Lala?
Dani: I don't know where's she.. Maybe you know, Budi?
Budi: Hmm.. Let me see.. Oh, she's over there!
Lala: Hello everybody, i have a--
Bunga: Where have you been? I've look for you around the school!
Lala: Attention, please! I have an announcement, tomorrow there will be a meeting          for teacher, so students can go home early.

Giving opinion:
Lala: Dani, what do you think about my drawings?
Dani: I think they're beautiful. What about you, Bunga?
Bunga: Yeah, they're so amazing!
Budi: In my opinion Lala has a drawing skill.
Lala: Thank you.