1. Take a regular A4/letter size piece of paper. Any kind will work as long as it’s not square or cut out.
Fold the two corners at the top to make a triangle out of the corners.
4. Fold again towards the middle of the paper, only this time, it should look like a dart on both sides.
5. Fold the middle of the paper in half, hot-dog style.
6.The two parts at the top of each side should be folded towards your left on one side and on the other side. By the time you finish, it should look like a dart airplane. It will look cool. And Awesome!
7. If you don't do it right try try again. You can do it!
1.Get a sheet of paper
2.Fold it in half, lengthwise
3.Fold the top corners in to the center
4.Fold the angled edge into the center.
5.Fold along the center line.
6.Fold down the wings.