Paragraf 1 : Cloning are genetically identical to each other and to the parent that gave rise to them

Many scientists are now developing aspects of cloning technology

some medical scientists are now using the new techniques of genetic engineering

 introducing genes into unborn children that would (with luck) make them more athletic, or beautiful, or intelligent, the so-called "designer baby". 

5:In addition to the possibility of such choices being limited to the wealthy few, the very nature of such genetic alteration beyond the realms of preventing serious disease raises questions of responsibility.

6: Cloned or transformed children might well feel that their individuality had been forever compromised. 

parents who prescribe their children's genes must take responsibility for all setbacks.

In considering the "designer baby" scenario, it is also important to remember that no technology is ever precisely predictable

The genetic designers of babies would have to be able to offer certainty in the outcomes or disaster could result-anything from late abortion to serious abnormalities.

10 : 
So cloning may become our foe or friend in the new global world