practice the dialogue with your parnter!
Almusto : Hi, ume.
ume: hello,mus.
almusto: how are you doing?
ume : pretty well.By the way, where are you going mus?
almusto : I'm going to bandar swimming pool. will you join me,ume?
ume : oh, sorry I must help my mom in the market.
almusto : it's okay, Ume. see you next time, ume
ume : see you. have a nice day


1. who are the speaker?
2. where does the dialogue take place?
3. when it happened ?
4. are they friend ?
5. are they fine ?



1. almusto and ume
2.on the road(maybe) the day time
4.yes,they are
5. yes they are fine.

1. The speakers are Almusto and Ume.
2. The dialogue takes in Ume mother's market / in the road.
3. At morning (maybe)
4. Yes. They are friend.
5. Yes. They are fine.

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