Read the dialogue below in front of the class !!!

teacher : good morning ,students!
students : good morning,sir
teacher : how are you today?
student : we are fine and you?
teacher : fine,too.
answer the questions based on the dialogue above!
1. who are the speaker?
2. where does the dialogue take place?
3. when it happened?
4. are they friend?
5. are they fine?

yang tau jawab ya pliiis............



1. teacher
2. class room (?)
3. in the morning
4. they're student and teacher
5. yes they're fine
Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. teacher and students
2. in a classroom
3. in the morning
4. no, they're students and teacher
5. yes, they're fine
makasih ya udah jawab pertanyaan ya :)
masama :3
eh :v
salah tempat *plak