The First Experience of Mountain Climbing Vacationing is an activity that I like. Two years ago, there was a vacation that I will never forget. I went up the mountain which is very high with my friends. We set off in the morning using a jeep. Why we chose to use the jeep? Because of the way we were going was very difficult so if we decided to use motorcycle or a common kind of car, we would not be able to reach to the mountain slope on time. After spending for 15 minutes in that jeep, we reached the mountain slope. My friends and I got out of the car soon and prepared a variety of equipments that we had to take it. Most of us carried groceries, blankets, and two of us carrying a tent. I was so excited about starting this journey because that was the first time I hiked up the mountain. There’s a friend named Riandi, he was a person who was experienced in mountain climbing. Riandi had often climbed mountain in many provinces in Indonesia. In that day, we depended on them. We started climbing at 08:00 am. Together with my friends, I passed the forests and coffee plantations during mountain climbing. An hour later, Riandi instructed us to stop. We then take a break at a hut. The atmosphere at the climbing place is very cool, we also encountered a strange animal, a lizard that was brightly colored and very large. However, Riandi told us to act as usual, as if nothing happened. Two of my friends seemed to have fatigue, they were Danio and Chandra. They looked like the city kids who have never exercised. Because of that, we rested more and ate the food together so that Danio and Chandra got enough power to continue the trip. After we rested, then the trip continued. My friends and I were so worried when the rain pouring down. The climb had to be stopped while and we decided to set up a tent as soon as possible. The rain was long enough while all of us were in one tent. I felt very uncomfortable because my shirt was wet because of the rain. Finally, Chandra lent me a shirt so that my body felt comfortable again. After an hour of being in the tent, the rain stopped and we continued the climb. Riandi told us that we had to be careful. The road was so slippery and we should be very careful in walking. Riandi told me to be a supervisor in the back, while he was a supervisor in the front. That was the hardest part because we only found a very narrow path, slippery, and next to us was a ravine. When we fell, then we may not be able to survive. The thing we feared was really happened. Danio did not walk carefully and he fell. Danio plunged into the ravine. Riandi, Chandra, and I kept yelling to call Danio. Danio finally answered our calls and he did not fall too deep because he held on to the root of the tree. Slowly, Danio kept switching between the roots of a tree to another tree roots and managed to climb back on track. We were very happy because Danio survived. Then, Riandi immediately asked us to climb because it was almost night. At 6:00 pm, we arrived at the first peak and we decided to set up a tent at that venue before started to hiked the highest peak on tomorrow morning. In the evenings, we lighted the fire, ate, and chatted. It was an amazing holiday experience. I will never forget all the experiences.