1. Can you help me, please?
    yes, I can
2. where do you come from?
    I come from Indonesia
3.  will you come to my birthday party?
     I really want it but sorry I can't
4.  What's is your name?
     my name is ...
4.  where do you live?
     I live at ...
5.  what time is it now?
     it' 12.00 am
6.  what is your favourite drink?
     my favourite drink is...
7.  what is your hobby?
    my hobby is
8. where is your school?
    my school is in...
9. what is your father's name?
   my father name is...
10. what is your mother's name?
     my mother's name is...
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What do zookepers do ? they clean the animal's cages every morning , they feeds the animals everyday and they wash the animals everyday.
what do the smart students do everyday ? they gt up early , they make their beds, and also prepare the breakfast for the family.
who is a 6th president of indonesia ? susilo bambang yudhoyono
who is security ? security is a private police that guards a building , campus , park,etc.
who is cashier ? cashier is a person who is handling payements and reciepts in store , bank , or other business
what is teller do ? they employed to deal with customer transaction in bank .
we can find a surgeon at ? hospitals
we can find stewardess at ? airports
we can found bell boy at ? hotels
we can found cashier at ? mall , hotel, hospital,zoo,station, etc