CROCODILE PLAYBOY - In line 1 Imam : Hallo? Baby, are you free this afternoon? Vio : Yes, I am free.(1) Why, darling? Imam : I’d like you to have lunch with me, would you? (5) Vio : Sure(1), you may pick me up at 12.00am at the bank. Imam : Okay, see you there baby.(2) - In line 2 Imam : Hallo? Sweat heart. How are you? Tya : I’m fine, what’s up? Imam : We must meet now, at the park. I wait you 5 minutes from now. Tya : I’m sorry, I’m very busy.(2) Can we meet another day? Imam : I hope you can. Please, come on! Tya : um, OK, I’ll be there. (1) - At the park Imam : “Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the love and the joy you bring…” Tya : What’s wrong with you??? Are you feeling sick?(6) Imam : no,no,no. Actually, I’m falling in love with you. (11) Please be mine. Tya : Really???(12) Imam : Of course. Tya : I need your proving now. Imam : Close your eyes!(7) If you want to be mine, please take this ring. But if you don’t, throw it. Tya : OK, I’m yours. Imam : Oh I can’t say how pleased I am.(4) Tya : Um honey, I will take my money at the bank. Would you accompany me?(5) Imam : I have an appointment with my business partner. I’m sorry sweat heart. Tya : Oh never mind. Good bye.(8) Imam : Good bye(8). - At the Bank (Wait for a while) Tya : Excuse me Miss, I want to take my money. Vio : I’m sorry Miss the time for make transaction is over. We must have a lunch now. Tya : But, it’s important! I must get it quickly. Vio : But you’re late Miss. If you want to get them, please come back at 01.00pm. Tya : I need it now! Do your understand Miss? Vio : It’s your fault.(13) You’re late. Please come back at 13.00pm. Good afternoon (8). Tya : It makes me mad!(10) - Out the Bank Imam : Are you ready baby? Vio : Yeah. Let’s go!(5) - In the restaurant Imam : waitress!!! Vio : How could you do such a foolish thing?(13) Tya : Honey, what are you doing here? Who is the girl? Vio : Honey? What is your relation with her, darling? Imam : I don’t know who is the girl, baby. She is just waitress in this restaurant. Vio : I don’t believe you.(12) You are crocodile. Tya : You’re playboy. I hate you.(9) Vio : I hate you more.(9) Tya ‘n Vio : we break now! Imam : I admit what I did was wrong. (15)
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