Riska is sweeping the class
Is Brenda clean the whiteboard??
She can't sweep the floor
Diana and her friends are eating at break time
Doesn't he Mr. Tie?
Does she eat at class?
Would you study with me?
I don't have a pencil
May you borrow me your book?
Dennis is a leader class in 7A
We are studying English now
Amy is a clever student
My class is very clean
My teacher is Mrs. Anna
Can you help me to solve this mathematic?
I don't have that book
Would you study with me?
Are they clever?
Is she Evie?
Doesn't she the clever student in our school??
Jawaban paling cerdas!
My teacher and I study together in class
my friend clean the black board cleanly
I read a book about simple present tense
I draw a picture in the class with my friend
I bring pencil,pen,eraser etc in my school bag
My teacher are friendly,beautiful,handsome and kind
I go to my class room after bell is ringing
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