buatlah kalimat dengan kata : how, how many, how much, how many time, how long, how far, how heavy, how deep, how wide, how fast, how high, how tall, how much, how long

How are you today? , How many times I told you not to do it!, How much is that water per galloon?, How many is her friends?, How long will it be for me to wait him, How far is your progress from the time being, How heavy is the earth?, how deep is the ocean?, How wide is a kingsize bed?, How fast is your run, how tall will i be?.


How : How are you today ? Fine?
How much : How much you have pens ?
How many time : How many time it takes to make it eat ?
how long : how long you are in school
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How many your pencil? how much her money? how many time to cook indomie? how far from school to your home? how deep the ciliwung river? how high the xl tower?