1. what do you think about snake?
    i think snake is dangerous
2. what do you think about rabbit
   i think rabbit is cute
3. what do you think about taman bekapai balikpapan ?
   i think taman bekapai balikpapan is beautiful
4. what do you think about our class?
   i think our class is cold and balmy
5. what do you think about me
   i think you are so kind
*i hope this anwserd must be right thank you
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5 kalimat meminta pendapat : 
- Please give me your opinion about my painting
- Any comment for my script?
- Please give me your thought about my writings (writing = artikel, novel buatan pribadi, dan lain - lain yang sejenisnya).
- Could you please give your opinion about my design?
- Give me some of your opinions about my Fan Fiction please.

5 kalimat mengungkapkan pendapat :
- I think your painting is very nice. Some improvement with the colors may help it getting nicer.
- Your script is a little messy, how about rearrange it to a better form?
- I think your writings are getting better than before.
- Your design of this clothes is already nice. Probably adding some lace will make it looked nice.
- Your Fan Fiction is already nice. I like your characters' name, they're so exotic. The story is also fun for me.

Hope this will help. ^^ 
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