1) my mom eat the eggs
the eggs eat by my mom*
2) I go to jakarta tomorrow
jakarta is where I go tomorrow*
3) my dad sell his wallet
the wallet is sell by my dad*
4) all student is take a holliday tomorrow
holiday is taken by all student tomorrow*
5) raras take that towell
that towell is taken by raras*

NB: (*) berarti kalimat pasif
1. The judge will execute Ahmad to a jail
- Ahmad will be executed to a jail by the judge
2. His father gave Amir a birthday gift
- Amir was given a birthday gift by his father
3. The students must bring the holly book every day
- the holly book must be brought every day by the students
4. Diana bought a new dress in Matahari mall
- a new dress can be bought by Diana in Matahari mall
5. She can operate the data on computer
- the data on computer can be operated by her