A: 'Can you help me with my homework?'
B: 'Sure. Let's see what you have here...'
A: 'I need help on this question.'
B: 'Creating a synopsis?'
A: 'Yes.'
B: 'Okay, first, you'll have to read the text that you will turn to a synopsis.'
B: 'Then, write the points of each paragraph you have read.'
B: 'After that, you can combine all points of all the paragraphs to create a synopsis, do you understand?'
A: 'Yes, thank you for your help.'
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itu yg B bagian pertama yang " here ... ' itu titik2 nya apa ya kak?
(Do you) know what I mean? Do you know what I'm saying? Do you understand? Are you following me? Are you with me (so far)? Have you got it? Any questions?
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