A: I will be the leader of OSIS XLI. What do you think ?
B: No doubt about it. (Agree) But what is your first campaign ?
A: Print any stickers?
B: I don't think so (Disagree)
A: 'What do you think about the trip to the theme park?'
B: 'It was great.'
C: 'I disagree, B.'
B: 'Why would you disagree with my opinion?'
C: 'The trip was boring, because I've went there when I was younger, so I didn't enjoy it since I've been there.'
B: 'Oh, I see.'
A: 'I agree with C, although the reason is not that I've been there, it's that the games were copied from another theme park I've been to.'
B: 'I get your point.'