A: may I go to the cafe Today with my best friend?
B:yes,I agree
A: susi so diligent, but she so careless.
B: I disagree because she is so kind not to careless
beni : hey,look this picture. this picture is beautiful
nana : yes,i agree with you..
sinta : sorry,i disagree with you beni,because this picture is dirty..
beni : yes,but this picture is beatiful,..
sinta : ohhh up to you beni,i follow you..
nana : hey,look that boy...
sinta : yes,why?
nana : that boy is very handsome...you agree with me sinta?
sinta : yes,i agree with you...that boy is very handsome...
beni : hufft...you they are interested with he?
sinta : i think yes beni...
nana : yes,that boy is very handsome...but,where does he live?
beni : he live in jln.mawar...
nana : owh,,,really?
sinta : owh i want to go to he home..
beni : huhhh what ever..
maaf percakapan yang beni urutan ke 10 itu nggak ada you nya ya...salah tulis