A: I went to the expensive holiday last holiday.
B: Really ?
A: Yes, I did.

A: My father just won a car race
B: He did ?
A: Yes, I'm sure.. very sure.

A: I can cook spaghety very well
B: Are you sure it's taste good ?
A: Trust me.
Jawaban paling cerdas!
"I has just go back from my expensive holiday"
"Of course"

"Hey! Do you know? My father has just won a car race yesterday!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, that's true!"

"Now I know how to cook my own spaghetti!"
"Are you certain?"
"Yes, trust me"
owh.. jadi kapan kita pake 'Had' ?
jadi kapan kita pake 'had' ?
Pada Present Perfect Tense kita menggunakan have/has sedangkan pada Past Perfect Tense kita menggunakan had.
oh iya, itu aku salah ya yang nomor 1, harusnya pake "I Have" X)
aku bingung >.< haha.. btw, thanks