Yang bisa jawab pertanyaan ini dapat pulsa 5 ribu!!!
Tolong buatkan teks recount tentang camping menggunakan past tense dan perfect tense!!
tidak boleh copast, jika jaawabannya bagus dan saya pilih , akan saya kasih pulsa

ini pake lampau semua ya??
iya :)


Last holliday my class agreed to camping. we decided to camping near the hill. and at the next week we went there by bus. we arrived at 2pm, even the time showed 2pm but the temperature felt so cold here. but it didn't make us felt lazy.

the boys try to searched a wood to made a fire in the night, and the girls try to built the tent. after we finished. we went to the nearest river to catched some fish. we didn't brought a hook but we made it with small branch and yarn and of course with a little worm.

and after 2 hours in the river, we success to collected 12 fish. and my watch has show 5pm. so we decided to made a fire because the forest became more dark. and with the boys brought their guitar, we sang a lot of song in the night. and some people cooked the fish.

we started to eat the fish, and the taste just so delicious. when time showed 9pm. we decided to tell about horror's story. even it was scary but it was fun too. and at 11pm, we decided to sleep in our tent.
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