A : Hi!
B : Hello!
A : How are you ?
B : I'm fine. How about you ?
A : I'm fine too. thanks. How's your school days ?
B : Well, better then before. How about you ?
A : I'm having very nice time. I made many new friends and it's good.
B : Yup! ok then. bye~
A : Bye~
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A : We really can't catch up with time. we already in 2nd grade!
B : Yeah. next year we will be a 3rd grader.
A : Btw, we aren't in a same class last year, are we?
B : Yup
A : Which one do you prefer? 1st grade or 2nd grade?
B : Both is okay for me. How do you do in 1st grade?
A : Aww.. I don't like it. It just..way too boring
B : I see.
A : How about you? How is your 1st grade in this middle school?
B : At first it is really hard for me to make friend. But slowly i can get through it.
A : Then we have a different time in 1st grade.
B : I have a lot of fun.