My Last Holiday

I went to Bali with my family. I went by air plane. When I arived, I was sleepy because I was to tired. So, my mother woke me up and I woke up. I was run to the bed and slept. The next day, I went to Bali Collection, Nusa Dua Bali. I spent all my time in there. I ate grilled shrimp for dinner with my family at Jimbaran. The Grilled Shrimp is really good! I love it. Then, we went back to Hotel. I went to Beach Walk for the second day, I went to Kuta Beach for the second and a half day, I went to Discovery for the third day, I went to Krisna for the last day. I was very happy because I saw all the side of Bali. That's my holiday. The best holiday I ever did.