1. Binging is a phase frequently done by a bulimic.
2. Running may be hard for some people.
3. I hate waiting.
4. I hope they enjoy my writing.
5. My best friend’s favorite activity is shopping.
6. They discussed an article about telling the truth.
7. The manager scolded the worker for removing some substantial data.
8. His hobby, sailing, takes a lot of time.
9. My best friend’s favorite activity, shopping, has made her spend much money.
10. I prefer to sleep rather than going to the party.

maaf kalo salah.
Jawaban paling cerdas!
I like to go swimming
Cycling is my hobbies
I like playing game because it is nice and interesting
I like to do kissing with a girl
I want to go jogging
Watching korean drama is my favourite daily activities
I like listening to kpop music
Bullying friend is not a good thing
Chatting is my favourite thing that i usually do
I like to go cycling at the park

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