Kartu ucapan apa dulu, kayak hari ulang tahun atau apa?

kalau ulang tahun,

dear dad/mom,
happy birthday to u. I dont really know what do I must wish for u, so I just hope u stay healty, and sorry if I had many mistakes but the point is YOU ARE THE BEST DAD/MOM EVER.
Love u, you're beloved daughter
3 2 3
From Small Boy till i grew up
You were always there
In my every step of life
Know what does that mean
I am born lucky to have you as my parents !

HAPPY .... ( Terserah mau hari apa ) ..... !!!
ralat : Itu Small Boy karena saya laki-laki, kalau perempuan ya girl dan bukan daughter maupun son karena sudah memakai kata small