Tolong bantu buat dialog untuk 2 orang, minimal 10 dialog dari situasi ini:
one of your friend is sick. she has got a terrible sore throat since last week. she has taken medicine but she is not geting better. you know that she often eats fried food. give a suggestion!
thanks before :)



You may create the names of the characters of the dialogue.
Silahkan membuat nama tokoh-tokoh di dialog ini.

A: 'Have you heard that C has been sick since last week?'
B: 'No, what sickness is she suffering?'
A: 'She has a terrible sore throat.'
B: 'That's terrible.'
A: 'Certainly.'
B: 'Has she been taking painkillers?'
A: 'I don't think so.'
B: 'Well, she should take them. It could help her reduce the pain.'
A: 'I'll tell her about that.'
B: 'Sure, thanks.'