My name is Arya Putra.I'm student at Junior high school 3.I'm 7th grade.I have one brother.His name is Ardi Dzil Fahri.He is student at Junior High school 3 ( same with me).He is 9th grade.
Every day except Sunday, we're going to school together.We're going to school by our bike.My brother always disturb me everywhere.
One night,before going to bed, my brother and I played in our bedroom.We read comics,played computer games, and so on.We had so much fun.We continued joking with each other on the bad.We told funny stories,we pushed each other around.
We were enjoying ourselves so much that I didnt realize I was finally on the edge of the bed.Suddenly I felt dizzy, the world seemed to be turning around.I fell off the bed with hitting the floor.Ouch!! That really hurt! My brother laughed out loud, but then he called out for mom and dad to help me.
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