Calculate the heat of reaction for combustion of C2H5OH using bond energies

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How we can calculate the heat of reaction if there are no more information about the bond energies, or it just said how we calculate it, without determine how much is it..
You mean the information about the bond type and energyKj/mc?
yeah, the energy chart.. we need that chart to determine how much energy does we need..
wrong grammar, it should --> how much energy do we need..


Reaction    C₂H₅OH + 3O₂ --> 2CO₂ + 3H₂O

Then draw the structural formulas for each molecule showing single and double bonds.

C₂H₅OH has one C-C bond, five C-H bonds, one C-O bond and one O-H bond
add up the bond energies for a mole of each of these single bonds from your bond energy chart.

Now in O₂ we have O=O double bond so add up the total bond energy for three moles of O₂. (three times the doubly bonded oxygen bond energy)

CO₂ is formed O=C=O, and you have two moles of CO₂, and four moles of C=O bonds so multiply the C=O bond energy by 4

and for H₂O, bonded H-O-H you will have 6 moles of H-O bonds, so multiply the H-O bond energy by six.

Now to get ΔH for this reaction, simply subtract the sum of the reactant bond energies from the sum of the product bond energies and you have it.
For H2O Where six moles came from?
H2O, it has 2(H-O) bonds, then you can take a look at the reaction, that H2O is 3 there. so 2(H-O) times 3 = it's 6.. See?
I got it! Thank you ^^
Yeah, welcome :)
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