News Item Text adalah salah satu genre teks dalam bahasa inggris yang penulisannya bertujuan untuk menginformasikan tentang suatu kejadian yang secara faktual sedang terjadi, artinya kejadian tersebut baru saja terjadi atau sudah lama terjadi tetapi masih hangat dibicarakan. Latar belakang kajiannya yang melulu tentang “recently-things” membuat News Item lebih dikenal sebagai Teks Berita.
Social Function :
To inform leaders, listeners or viewers about events the day which are consideren newsworthy or important.

Example of News Item Text :
Malaysian Women Suggested to Carry Condoms
            Malaysian Deputy Health Ministry urged every woman to carry a condom to protect against HIV, a news report said.“This is not to debate them but to protect them. Women are the first ones to get exploited by their partners (whom are infected by HIV-positive)” Abdul Latiff Ahmad was quoted as saying by Sunday Star Newspaper. “But this just a suggestion, it’s up to them”.
            Abdul latiff made remark to coincide with the International Aids Memorial day, which was celebrated openly for the first time in Malaysia, in bid to reduce stigma for HIV-victim. In the past the event was held behind closed door.
            Last year, 745 Malaysian women were identified as HIV-positive and 193 were diagnosed with AIDS, he said in the report. Officials have said nearly 81000 Malaysian have been infected with HIV, less then 10 percent are woman, but the number is steadily rising.
            Malaysian Aids Council president, Adeebah Kamarulzaman, was quoted as saying besides sex workers, many women who contract HIV are housewives, were infected unknowingly by their husbands. “It’s not that people don’t know that condoms can protect them. But there are some men who don’t care to take precaution, even though they know they have HIV” she said.
Generic Structure :
Newsworthy event(s) : recounts the event in summary from.
Backround events : elaborate what happened, to whom, in what circumstances.
Sources : comments by participants in, witnesses to and authorities expert on the event.

Significant Lexicogrammatical Features :
Short, telegraphic information about story captured in headline.
Use of Material Processes to retell the events
(in the text bellow, many of the Material Processes are nominalised).
Use of projecting Verbal Processes in sources stage.
Focus on Circumstances (e.g.mostly within qualifiers).