A          : What are you doing now?
B          : I just at home. I was very bored.
A          : you don’t do anything?
B          : I just watching and sleeping.
A          : Why don’t you learn or clean your home?
B          : I’m lazy to do it.
A          : You should spend your leisure time for a meaningful activities. B          : Yes, your right.
A          : I'm sure you will not get bored if you do that.
B          : Ok. Thank you for your advice.
John Doe: "Hi, how are you?"
Fulan: "Hi, John. I am fine thank you. How about you?"
John Doe: "I am fine too. So, where are you going? Have you finished your homework?"
Fulan: "I am going to library. I think i will doing my homework there."
John Doe: "Great idea. May I come with you?"
Fulan: "Sure"
John Doe: "Thank you"