A : hello what do you think about leo's parents?
b : well theyre all quite good i mean wow you have no idea how wise they are
a : wow shes lucky to have parents like that look at me
b : why? tell me?
a :i swear you dont wnat to know how horrible my parents are
b: no tell me you can tell me everything
a : they took everything i love 2 weeks ago because i didnt pick math as my main subj how crazy is that
b: aw are you okay now
a: yes i am thanks

a: tell me about yourself
b: hi my name is jana well im 16 years old with no any purpose in life lol anyway im quite funny if only you got my joke and you know i love my phone so much um i dont get on easily with people but when i do like around them you have no idea how crazy i am
terimakasih ya
iya sama sama..kamu kelas 10 jga ya..
yauda tinggal tambahin sendiri aja kan banyak yg lu bisa jelasin di diri lu
iya jawabannya emang bnr tapi kurang dikit aja..