Jawaban paling cerdas!
A: hello may I sit here? B: of course A: fyuhh, are think today is very hot? B: yess I think so. A: by the way, what your name? B: oh, I'm salsa. And you? A: I'm Jenny. Where are you from? B: I from Gianyar how about you? A: I from Singapore. B: what are you junior high school? A: SMP N 1 KUTA B: I SMP SWATIKA, oh my mother will take me to home. See you next time A: see you
A:hello are you a new student? B:oh yes A:what's you're name? B:I'm ihsan A:oh hi ihsan,I'm dany B:hi dany nice to meet you A:nice to meet you too
Me: Hallo!
Someone (SM)= Hallo, who are you?
Me: Let me interduce my self. My name is wulan I came from indonesia
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