1. RECOUNT                 Teks recount  adalah teks yang menceritakan kembali suatu peristiwa yang terjadi pada masa lalu.Struktur teks recount :a.  Orientation ( orientasi ) : berisi pendahuluan tentang peristiwa yang terjadi, tokoh yang terlibat                                              dalam peristiwa tersebut, tempat, serta waktu peristiwa itu terjadi.b.  Event : Berisi jalinan peristiwa / kejadian yang ada dalam cerita pengalaman tersebut.                   Bagian ini bisa  terdiri atas beberapa event / peristiwa.c.  Re-orientation : Berisi tentang rangkuman atau penutup cerita.Ciri – ciri teks recount :a.  menggunakan past tense                                                                       b.  menggunakn kata hubung ( conjunction ) misalnya : then , before , after
CONTOH :THE MONKEY                Mr. and Mrs. Wilson once kept a large monkey he had brought from Kalimantan. The monkey was very faithful to her masters and was very friendly to their baby girl.                One day Mr. and Mrs. Wilson went out to attend a wedding ceremony. They left the baby to the monkey they had trusted as a baby sister.                Suddenly, a fire broke out in the house. The door and the staircase were already on fire.                 All the neighbours looked sadly at the windows of the room where the baby girl slept in. Somebody ran for a ladder to reach the windows, but it was no use now.                Just then they saw a black hand open the window upstairs. Then came out the monkey with the baby girl in her arms. Down she climbed. Slowly and carefully she brought the baby out safely.
2. Descriptive
                Tek descriptive merupakan teks yang menjelaskan tempat, orang, atau benda tertentu. Jadi, dalam teks deskriptif kita dapat menjelaskan orang, tempat, atau benda yang kita lihat atau miliki.STRUKTUR TEKS DESKRIPTIF :a.  Identification                 Dalam bagian  ini, kita mengidentifikasi orang, tempat, atau benda tertentu yang akan di deskripsikan.b.  Description                 Bagian ini menjelaskan deskripsi yang rinci tentang orang, tempat atau benda tertentu tersebut yang meliputi bagian, kualitas, dan karasteristik/cirri-ciri. Di bagian ini, orang yang membaca teks deskriptif ini seharusnya memiliki gambaran seperti apa orang, tempat, benda yang dijelaskan tersebut.
CIRI – CIRI TEKS DESKRIPTIF :a.  Menjelaskan sesuatu yang khususb. Umumnya menggunakan the simple present tense c. Menggunakan kata kerja attributive dan identifying, misalnya : have, work, is, are.
                I have a neighbor. His name Mr. Haryadi. Mr. Haryadi is a fruit seller. He has a small fruit stall near his house. He sell many kinds of fruits, such as oranges, apples, pears, bananas, papayas, and watermelons.                Mr. Haryadi usually work in his fruit stall all day. He opens his stall at about nine a.m. and closes it at about seven p.m. His wife and children often help him keep the stall. He has many customers. They like to buy the fruits in this stall because the fruits are always fresh. Moreover, Mr. Haryadi always serves his customers friendly.
3. NARRATIVES                Teks narrative bertujuan untuk menghibur pendengar atau pembacanya. Teks ini bertalian dengan pengalaman nyata, khayal, atau peristiwa pelik yang mengarah ke suatu krisis, yang pada akhirnya menemukan suatu penyelesain.                Ciri teks narrative adalah adanya unsure konflik (masalah ) dan resolusi ( penyelesain masalah ). Dalam sebuah teks narrative, anda bahkan dapat menemukan konflik dan penyelesainnya lebih dari satu.
STRUKTUR TEKS :a.  Orientation : pengenalan tokoh, waktu, dan tempatb. Complication : pengembangan konflik (masalah )c. Resolution : penyelesain konflik ( masalah )d. Re-orientation : perubahan yang terjadi pada tokoh atau pelajaran yang dapat dipetik dari cerita.                            ( Bagian ini bersifat opsional, tidak harus ada dalam sebuah teks. )CIRI – CIRI TEKS NARRATIVE :a.  Menggunakan past tenseb. Biasanya diawali dengan adverbs of time ( kata keterangan waktu ) seperti a long time, once  upon a time, in a faraway land.c.  Menggunakan kata hubung ( conjunction ) seperti then, after, that, before.
CONTOH :                                       Far of in the jungle, by the misty springs, lion was taking a walk by himself. Surprisingly, he was wearing a hot thick raincoat that he could not take off. Tiger, lion’s  friend, was walking in the jungle too.”My dear friend, lion, what are you doing in that hot thick raincoat on such a lovely day as this?” asked Tiger. “ Well,” Lion started out, “ it was this morning, I put this raincoat on. I really don’t remember why I put it on. I guess I just thought it might all of a sudden rain.                            Tiger shook his head and said, “ Please don’t try to tell me you think it is going to rain today. The clouds aren’t even what I call thin.” Lion eyes widened. He forced himself into thinking that he was going to wear this sweating hot raincoat on such a lovely warm October day. “ Oh, no,” cried Lion. “ Do not worry at all my friend,” Tiger explained, “you simply cut off some of your sleeves and pants. Then, he jumped out the door and left the warm sunshine.