I and my friend really love to went to the beach, my friend name was arvin he came from phils. so we decided to went to the kuta in bali, because peoples say in there was amazing. we went by plane. and we arrived in there at the afternoon. so without thinking again,we just went to the motel that near with kuta's beach. we changed out clother and went to the beach.

finally our feet steped in kuta's sand. we felt so happy. after that arvin found a seal that have many colour, and it was so beautiful. he gave that seal to me. he said it was a special gift from him. without relize the sunset came. we looked it together. it was an unforgeting moment with him. in the night, we went to bali's road for food's adventure and searched for some accessories.

and we went back to aur home in the next week.
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