A : c'mon catch me if you can do it!!
b: i will catch you...wait me..
b: oh no...don't run towards it
A :Oh my godness..
b: oh no..You broke the vase
a: i'm really sorry..
b:Never mind..Just consider you dont do it
A: Thank you..


[Fahri meeting up with Ana]
Fahri : Hey, Ana!
Ana : Hey there, Fahri!
Fahri : I thought you didn’t have time to come here earlier.
Ana : Actually I didn’t, just like I said on the phone earlier that I had another appointment with my friend today. But, right after that she texted me that she couldn’t go with me because her grandmother suddenly got sick and she with her entire family had to visit her.
Fahri : Oh, I see then. So, I hope I am not ruining your whole day by asking you out to come here, Ana.
Ana : Ha ha~. That is really fine, Fahri. I am free of business today since my first plan was canceled.
Fahri : I’m glad to hear that.
Ana : So, you said earlier on the phone that there was something you wanted to tell me. What is it, Fahri? Why didn’t you speak it up on the phone?
Fahri : Yes. Um…. Uh…. Umm… Ana… *Fahri’s hands are shaking. He looks wrought-up of what he is about to say*
Ana : Yes?
Fahri : Do you remember the vase you made at art class?
Ana : Um? Do you mean my broken vase?
Fahri : Yes… that broken beautiful vase.
Ana : Yes. Why? Is there anything wrong with that vase?
Fahri : Yes…. It’s me…. *Fahri shuts his eyes, he gets sweaty and looks very nervous and scared*
Ana : Huh? You…?
Fahri : I beg you, Ana. Please, do not be mad for everything I’m saying. Will you?
Ana : Huh? You are funny, Fahri. How can I react to anything you say if I don’t even know what it is.
Fahri : [Fahri keeps silent]
Ana : Just speak up, Fahri! I promise I won’t kill you. *Ana chuckles*
Fahri : Speaking of the broken vase of yours. I… I’m…
Ana : Yes?
Ana : You? Broke my vase?
Fahri : Yes, Ana. I’m really sorry about this. I don’t know how to tell you. The one who broke your vase that time was me. I accidentally brushed against your vase with my elbow and made it fall off to the floor and broken. But, I didn’t recant since I was terrified you would be so angry at me. I don’t have any idea how to pay this off. I wish I can do anything you want from me to atone for my wrongdoing.
Ana : Ha ha ha. Okay, okay, It really is fine. I accept your apology, Fahri. I’m glad to see you finally confess of what you’ve done.
Fahri : You’re not mad, Ana?
Ana : No, Fahri. *Ana smiles* I can just make another vase.
Fahri : Is there anything I can do to pay for my mistake?
Ana : Well, will you help me remake my vase?
Fahri : SURE! I WILL TRY MY BEST FOR IT! * Fahri’s eyes are wide open* Thank you Ana for forgiving me!

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