Holiday in Bandung City.
Last holiday, I went to Bandung City with my father, my mother, and my brother. Bandung City for my family is favorite place for holiday. Apart from location for holiday, in Bandung City also famous for shopping and many place for a delicious culinary.My families holiday in Bandung City for three days. During our holiday in Bandung City, we stayed with my cousin, at the Ciumbuleuit street in Bandung City. They were very nice to my family. His name uncle Jajang, my uncle and her name aunt Evi, my aunt, also three children, Defani, Vidya, and Zalva.On the first day I and my family went to culinary tour at Dago street. There were a lot of culinary. Ranging from Sunda culinary up to Europe culinary. All culinary very delicious.On the second day, I and my family went for shopping. Bandung City famous for shopping places. One of the famous for shopping places for shopping. I and my family bought clothes. Such as shirts, pants, jackets, and some accessories.On the last day, I and my family went for a refreshing to Bandung zoo. At the Bandung zoo, there were many types of animals. From species of birds, including the Peacock can be seen at London zoo, other than that there were animals Bears, Dragons, Elephants, Tigers, Deer, Camels, Zebras, and Primates including Siamang.
eh, numpang nanya. naga beneran ada toh?
adalah tapi dulu banget
lha itu di kebun binatang bandung masih ada "dragon" alias naga kan? :/
paling itu uda jadipurbakala
haha... hehe.. :D
Holiday in Bali
I have a great summer this year. I went to Bali. In Bali so many tourist from other country. Love it. I love Bali's food too. A Traditional food in Bali is Ayam Betutu, very delicious! Hey, don't forget to visit Kuta Beach! Amazing summer in Kuta! If you go to Bali, you must visit Kuta. Very interesting.