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Question 26-35
Directions: the sentences below are not complete yet. Choose the most suitable and appropriate word(s)/form/tenses to make the sentences sound good and grammatically correct.
26. When Andi was jogging in front of my house yesterday, I had him…me fix my car.
a. stop helping
b. stopped helping
c. stops to help
d. stop to help
e. to stop helping

27. One of my professors is known…her intelligence and her professionalism.
a. with
b. of
c. in
d. at
e. for

28. In lily and other species…this type of development, all four megaspores, rather than a single megaspore, function in the subsequent development of the embryo sac.
a. have
b. has
c. having
d. had
e. are having

29. Everyone who joins this kind of English Olympiad usually expects to…
a. succeed
b. successful
c. success
d. successfully
e. succeeded

30. When I was still in junior high school, I …many kinds of student association.
a. used to join
b. was used to join
c. used to joining
d. used joining
e. used to be joined

31. Everyone has different opinion, for example opinion about a process and a result. Personally, I think the process is…than the result.
a. important
b. most important
c. very important
d. too important
e. more important

32. Grammar might be easy for some students;…, it might be very damned-difficult for some other students.
a. furthermore
b. therefore
c. on the other hand
d. moreover
e. in addition

33. Being fanatic supporters of a football team in a match, you are all supposed…anarchist when your team was defeated.
a. not to be
b. not being
c. don‟t be
d. that you aren‟t
e. being not

34. There were three boxes on the table,…was a cat.
a. in the biggest of which
b. the bigger of which
c. the biggest of which
d. in the bigger of which
e. in the big of which

35. Rika :„Why don‟t you choose Ahmad to join the English Olympiad?‟
Fina :„Well, I don‟t like …to all people around!‟
a. her brags
b. why she brags
c. she is bragging
d. her bragging
e. her to brag



26. D
27. E
28. E
29. A
30. A
31. E
32. C
33. E
34. A
35. C
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no 26. bukannya "stopped to help"? krn ada "had" jadi "stop"nya harus dlm v3
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