Contoh experience yang mengunakan recount text ( ingat gunakan V2 (past tense)
1. last week, my family and i went to bidadari island
2. we went to there by car
3. we arrived in bidadari island at 10.00 am
4. there, my sister and i played frisbee and rode the bananaboat.
5. then, we ware ate together at the resort.
6. in the night, we were stayed at the motel
7. in the morning, we were back to jakarta.
8. my vacation was interesting.

maaf kalau misalnya ada salah ejaan ^_^
Last year, my family and I went to Malaysia. We stayed there for 5 nights and 6 days. We visited many places such as Twin Towers, Penang Island, and many more. We enjoyed the street food so much. It was cheap and delicious. However the trip felt so short for us that we wished to stay longer, but everything was set. I will never forget such a great vacation.

grammar checked ^_^