1. Alam : Where does Miss Fania work?
Tedi : She works for Garuda Indonesia AirwayS
Alam : Is she a pilot ?
Tedi : No Her job is serving the passenger in the plain
What is Miss Fania? ...
2. Eka : My mother works in a restaurant.
Evi : Is she a waitress?
Eka : No. Her job is to make the food for customers.
What is the profession of Eka's mother? ...



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. Miss Fina is Waitress
2. Eka's mother profession is chef
ini untuk yang nomer 1 gak ada dipilihan
Pilihannya adanya police, doctor, drummer, fish monger, barber, flight attendance
jwbnnya flight attendance :)
terima kasih
1. Miss Fania is a Stewardess
2. Eka's mother is a chef/cook