1) a good waiter .... to explain the menu.
a. never too busy
b. is too never busy
c. is never too busy
d. being never busy
e. never being busy

2. please remind me to return the book and ... my library card.
a. that i renew
b. to renew i
c. i must renew
d. renewing
e. to renew

3. because my mother was ill, she had her breakfast brought to her room.
this means 'As my mother was ill ..... her breakfast to her room.'
a. she had brought
b. she asked somebody to bring
c. she wanted to bring
d. she was asked to bring
e. she brings

4. the secretary asked me.... with Mr. slamet.
a. did i have an appointment
b. how was my appointment
c. what i had an appointment
d. whether i had an appoinment
e. i had to make an appointment

5. the picture is not here anymore, it may have ... by the thief.
a. being stolen
b. been stolen
c. stolen
d. stole
e. been brought

6. anwar asked me...
a. from whom did i get the information of job vacancy?
b. how did i get the information of job vacancy?
c. from where i got the information of job vacancy?
d. the information of job vacancy?
e. form whom i got the information of job vacancy?

7. "taken in tiny doses" is originally derived from...
a. as taken in tiny doses
b. that are taken in tiny doses
c. as took in tiny doses
d. as it is taken in tiny doses
e. as it is took in tiny doses

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